Corporate governance

Board members as of 31 December 2018
employees as of 1 January 2019
employees underwent a performance assessment based on the results of work for 2017
procurement procedures (worth over 100 thousand rubles each), including 57 procurements from SMEs
Figure 8
Corporate governance structure
Corporate governance structure
  • General Meeting of Shareholders
    (Russian Export Center JSC is the sole shareholder is)
    Review Committee
    • Board of Directors
      Board Committees:
      • Audit and Supervision Committee
      • Strategy Committee
      • Management Board
        • General Director
          • Executive management

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the Agency’s supreme governing body. Resolutions on the competence of the General Meeting of Shareholders are passed by Russian Export Center JSC, the sole shareholder of the Agency.

The Board of Directors of the Agency implements general management functions, and resolve all issues except for those that fall under the responsibility of other management bodies of the Agency under the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Charter.

As of December 31, 2018, the Board of Directors included:

Andrey Aleksandrovich SlepnevChairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of Russian Export Center JSC
Gusakov Nikita ValerievichGeneral Director of EXIAR JSC
Kalamanov Georgy VladimirovichDeputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
Konstandyan Artyom Georgievichmember of the Board of Directors of EXIAR JSC
Maksimov Timur IgorevichDeputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Osipov Leonid ViktorovichDeputy Head of Presidential Experts' Directorate
Storchak Sergey AnatolyevichDeputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation

The Audit and Supervision Committee and the Strategy Committee were established under the Agency’s Board of Directors. These are the advisory bodies created to address the most important issues within the competence of the EXIAR’s Board of Directors and prepare respective recommendations.

The Management Board is a collegial executive body of the Agency that manages current operations. The General Director of EXIAR JSC is the Agency’s sole executive body.

EXIAR’s General Director is the Chairman of the Management Board. From September 6, 2018, Nikita Gusakov is the General Director of EXIAR.

The executive bodies report to the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board of Directors.


Quality control

During 2018, EXIAR, along with other companies within the REC Group, implemented quality control, which aim is to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction by creating a system of continuous improvement of the quality of goods and services, implementing continuous assessment and monitoring of the quality of customer service and internal business processes, studying customer satisfaction and organizing customer complaints handling service.

The results of quality satisfaction research demonstrate a high appreciation of the Agency's work by its customers. The customers highly appreciated the courtesy, leadership and competence of the Agency’s staff, as well as the advisory services provided by the employees at the paperwork stage.


Organization design and performance management

In 2018, the Agency and the REC Group continued to improve their organizational environment. Growing export support required the introduction of a new customer service scheme: there were established the competence centers for industry- and region-based export support. These centers are responsible for improving the quality and optimizing the timing of services rendered to export-oriented organizations.

Within the framework of activities performed by the REC Group, which acts as a unified institute for export development, and due to the emergence of new objectives for the implementation and coordination of national and federal projects, the Agency optimized its functional structure, adjusted and approved internal regulations governing the distribution of powers and areas of responsibility of the managers. Despite the changes in the structure, the Agency preserved its compactness and the minimum number of control levels. Such a structure, which is part of the Group’s single end-to-end structure, allows the Agency to quickly reallocate the resources between the priority projects and business goals, offers wider decision-making powers for managers and employees and, consequently, more responsibility for individual and overall Agency’s performance results. The lack of formal boundaries between the areas of activity allows improving cross-functional interaction between the employees of the main and subsidiary departments, including other companies of the REC Group.

EXIAR uses a comprehensive employee performance management system covering all organization hierarchy.

The Agency defines its goals in stages in accordance with the unified principles of decomposition and continuity:

  • strategy planning (EXIAR’s targeted milestones);
  • strategy operationalization (EXIAR’s KPIs for the year);
  • decomposition of indicators by areas and employees;
  • project KPIs scheduling for the year (measurable goals, timelines, employees responsible for certain activities, overall project KPIs).

EXIAR’s remuneration scheme is aimed at maintaining the competitive wages, which allows attracting highly professional workers and establishing a clear relationship between the results achieved and the amount of remuneration.

The employee performance evaluation system evaluates individual (individual KPIs) and team (corporate KPIs) performance. Performance evaluation is carried out on a quarterly and annual basis. Based on the results of the evaluation, an aggregate performance coefficient is established. This coefficient determines the size of the variable part of the employee's remuneration. The employees and managers discuss the results at the face-to-face meetings, provide feedback and outline future plans. This approach allows focusing the employees’ efforts on priority tasks and creates additional prerequisites for implementing the Agency's strategy. In 2018, 146 EXIAR employees passed performance evaluations based on results for 2017.


Corporate policy

Human capital is of prime importance for achieving the strategic goals of EXIAR. Therefore the Agency's personnel policy is aimed at attracting and retaining competent employees, increasing the involvement and interest of each employee in achieving the organizational goals, developing the potential of employees and creating favorable working conditions.

The personnel policy of the Agency is strictly in line with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

Table 1
Number of EXIAR employees as of January 1, 2019
Category m w
Total staff81123
Other employees (operating staff)00
Figure 9
EXIAR staff structure in 2018 by age, %
32.4 %65.2 %2.4 %
  • under the age of 30
  • 31 – 50
  • above the age of 50
Table 2
Total number of employees as of January 1, 2019
under the age of 30 31–50 above the age of 50
Table 2
Total number of employees as of January 1, 2019
under the age of 30
above the age of 50
Table 3
Total number of employees hired in 2018
under the age of 30 31–50 лет above the age of 50
Table 3
Total number of employees hired in 2018
under the age of 30
above the age of 50
Table 4
Total number of employees discharged in 2018
under the age of 30 31–50 лет above the age of 50
Table 4
Total number of employees discharged in 2018
under the age of 30
above the age of 50

Recruitment and on-boarding

The recruitment process was optimized in the past year. There was created an additional pool of candidates for the rapid filling the vacancies. The information about the vacant positions is published on the Internet, including social networks, which is the source of the additional pool of candidates.

The search for new employees is carried out mainly with own resources. In 2018, 90% of the vacancies were closed without the involvement of contracting companies.

Candidates portfolios are managed on the basis of an information system that allows to accumulate all the information about the vacancies and candidates, automate announcement placement and candidate logistics, quickly issue reports on recruiters on a weekly basis.

Preparatory measures were taken to conduct evaluation of the top and mid-tier executives. Offers from the external companies were collected.


Training and development

In 2018, EXIAR continued to apply a comprehensive employee development program, which was supplemented by new ones, like experience sharing, English speaking club, “Knowledge Marathon” project, project management and Agile basics. Every six months, the Agency holds the General Meeting of all employees with the participation of the EXIAR General Director. The meetings highlight important aspects of company operations. For example, the REC Group’s mission and values, as well as the objectives for 2019 were introduced at the last meeting.

Professional seminars, English language training program, PMIS and EDMS training programs, “Leaders Teach Leaders” program continue to be an important part of the employee training schedule. “Leaders Teach Leaders” program was presented in a new format in 2018. Now, the leaders are holding discussions with each other on a given topic, discussing the most relevant and in-demand skills of the future rather than offering individual workshops.

There are open training programs as well, offering the employees to obtain unique experience by attending various seminars, training programs, conferences together with the representatives of other companies.

In 2018, more than 100 EXIAR employees participated in open training events.


Corporate events

EXIAR pays great attention to the development and maintenance of a unified corporate culture. In 2018, the company’s mission and the values were developed and introduced to the employees. Mission and values were developed by EXIAR leaders at the strategic REC 2.0 session. To popularize the values, there was announced a contest among all employees requiring them to visualize the values. The results of the contest were announced at the beginning of 2019.

In 2018, the Volunteers Club was created in EXIAR, which is part of the REC Group. The Club’s Ambassadors (employees responsible for a certain area of assistance) and caring employees organized and carried out 10 events aimed to promote and support good deeds. The employees donated blood 2 times celebrating the World Blood Donor Day, improved the territory of the biological station of the national park, participated in an environmental clean-up, collected things for the children mercy home and Mercy service.

In 2018, a series of games called “What? Where? When?” was held by EXIAR. The company also organized the celebration of the Women’s Day, the New Year's Eve (“Winter Wonder Workshop”), events for the children of the corporate employees and “Secret Santa” show. EXIAR supported sports initiatives as well, such as weekly indoor football, volleyball, hockey, yoga classes for employees, the Heroes Race event. In 2018, the EXIAR corporate team took part in 5 championships and tournaments.

The Agency has continued to develop its corporate portal, which is a perfect tool for communication, knowledge and idea sharing, feedback and co-working.

45 weekly newsletters, 550 news articles and 30 Export-Wiki articles were published to inform the employees about the upcoming events. More than 50 ideas were submitted through the “Have an Idea” service and more than 1,550 likes were awarded for fruitful joint work.


Labor protection

Development and improvement of the safety culture are one of the important directions in the implementation of personnel policy. EXIAR provides training on labor protection and assesses the knowledge of the managers and experts in the field of labor protection requirements, providing them with the certificates of advanced training and knowledge assessment. The training is carried out within the additional training program on “Labor Protection”.

No injuries were not recorded in the reporting period.

The EXIAR social policy is aimed at increasing the level of social protection of the Company's employees. In addition to the mandatory social guarantees established by labor legislation, EXIAR employees can take advantage of additional corporate benefits and compensations, such as voluntary medical insurance, additional paid social leave, leave, childbirth and marriage benefits.



In 2018, EXIAR carried out 111 procurements (worth of 100 thousand rubles each), 57 procurements were carried out with the involvement of SMEs.

To improve the procurement process, in 2018, EXIAR introduced the additional modules into the procurement management information system (PMIS):

  • simplified documents entry and contract execution results publishing;
  • reviewed procurement request clearance process and procurement procedures.

To improve due diligence procedure with respect of suppliers, EXIAR JSC introduced enhanced PMIS options allowing to upload the advanced information about contractors and implemented integration with the SPARK.

In the second half of 2018, the Regulation on the procurement of goods, works, services for EXIAR was developed and approved to bring the procurement procedures in line with the requirements of Federal Law No. 223-FZ “On Procurement of Goods, Works and Services by Certain Types of Legal Entities” dated 18 July 2011 (as amended in 2018).

Thus, according to the results of 2018, the Agency managed to achieve all key goals. The work done will serve as the basis for further development.

The priority goals for 2019 include the preservation and increase of the volume of Russian non-oil exports, continuous improvement of the quality of services, development of the export culture and generation of demand for Russian goods and services, increase of the degree of entrepreneurs' confidence in the state export support system.