Key Financial Indicators

As of 01.01.2019

2,061 million rubles
is net profit of the Bank taking into account EAPP
128,452 million rubles
is the amount of assets of the Bank, calculated by taking into account the closed accounts of income, expenses and revaluation of valuable boom
123,371 million rubles
is the volume of working assets (96% of the Bank's assets)
98,954 million rubles
is the total amount of funds raised (71,074 million rubles as of 01.01.2018)
20,751 million rubles
is the authorized capital of the bank

Implementation of the Bank’s Plans and Estimate of the Administrative Expenses

As of January 1, 2019, the volume of the Bank’s assets calculated considering the closed accounts of income, expenses, as well as the reevaluation of the securities, amounted to RUB 128,452,000, while the volume of the current assets was RUB 123,371,000. (96% of the Bank’s assets):

Asset Total, mln RUB
Credit portfolio 81,106
including the export support portfolio 79,244
the security portfolio 18,845
including bonds of the exporters 11,566
interbank credits and repurchase transactions 21,977
Funds in clearing companies 1,443

The total amount of the funds attracted as of January 1, 2019 is RUB 98,954,000 (as of January 1, 2018 – RUB 71,074,000). The structure of attraction is quite diversified:

Figure 3
The total amount of funds raised as of 01.01.2019
47 %31 %16 %6 %
  • Customer funds
  • Attraction in the interbank market
  • Other securities
  • Subordinated attraction

The basis of the Bank's borrowed funds are the medium and long term resources, including:

Resource Total,
mln RUB
Subordinated loan from Vnesheconombank1,700March 27, 2021
Subordinated deposit from EXIAR, JSC500January 30, 2022
Subordinated deposit from EXIAR, JSC2,000December 1, 2027
Subordinated deposit from the Russian Export Center1,831August 15, 2027
Bonded loans5,000
and 150
Funds attracted from the Central Bank of Russia13,951
Funds of banks17,154
Funds available in customer accounts and deposits46,397

The authorized capital of the Bank as of January 1, 2019 amounted to RUB 20,751,000,000, unchanged from the beginning of the year. The Bank's equity (capital) amounted to RUB 27,501,000,000.

The Bank’s net profit, including the events after the reporting period, amounted to RUB 2,061,000.

The Bank's estimate for 2018 was approved in the amount of RUB 2,532,000. The actual performance under the estimate for 2018 (excluding any extraordinary expenses) was 74%. The cost savings in the amount of RUB 482,000,000 (excluding any extraordinary expenses) took place due to the following key factors:

  • Lower actual personnel expenses
  • Shift in the terms of payment for the maintenance of a part of the IT systems for the following periods,
  • Optimization of the current expenses for the maintenance of computing equipment, office equipment, and electronics,
  • Reduction of the expenses for the maintenance, lease and maintenance of buildings,
  • Transfer of a part of the expenses related to the legal support of various export projects to the following periods.

Capitalization Indicators

In the structure of the Bank's equity (capital), the sources of the core equity prevail. The Bank’s equity is formed mainly thanks to the contributions of the shareholders.

The following attracted funds are the main instrument of additional capital:

  • Subordinated loan from Vnesheconombank dated December 12, 2010 in the amount of RUB 1.7 bln with the following maturity date: March, 2021. The Additional Agreement to the Subordinated Loan Agreement was signed on November 9, 2015,
  • Subordinated deposit from EXIAR, JSC dated January 22, 2015 in the amount of RUB 500 mln with the following maturity date: January, 2022. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation Main Branch in the Central Federal District approved the inclusion of the attracted deposit into the sources of additional capital of EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA,
  • Subordinated deposit from EXIAR, JSC dated August 15, 2017 in the amount of RUB 1,831.2 mln with the following maturity date: August 15, 2027. The Central Bank of Russia approved the inclusion of the attracted deposit into the sources of additional capital of EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA,
  • Subordinated deposit from EXIAR, JSC dated December 1, 2017 in the amount of RUB 2 bln the following maturity date: December 1, 2027. The Central Bank of Russia approved the inclusion of the attracted deposit into the sources of additional capital of EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA.

The Bank uses the standardized approach to assess the capital adequacy in order to ensure all current and future activities proposed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. All assets are weighted in accordance with the relevant risk category. The Bank's assets for the purpose of calculating the capital adequacy shall be determined in accordance with the requirements of Clause 2.3 of the Instructions of the Bank of Russia No. 180-I “On Mandatory Ratios for Banks” dated June 28, 2017.