Anti-corruption efforts

The REC Group and its management adhere to high ethical standards and honesty in their business dealings and strive to develop a legal awareness and culture regarding anti-corruption issues among the Group’s employees, antipathy toward corrupt behavior, constantly studying the best corporate governance practices and maintaining the Group's business reputation at a high level. The REC Group and its employees do not accept corruption in any form and manifestation.

Aside from the existing internal regulatory documents binding on all employees, the REC Group approved the Anti-Corruption Policy and organized a security hotline with dedicated email address and telephone number. The help desk accepts the information round-the-clock in accordance with the approved procedure for information accepting and handling.

The employees regularly undergo training to maintain a high level of anti-corruption culture. Briefings are held with newly hired employees of the REC Group. They are familiarized with the internal regulatory documents aimed to combat corruption and preserve conflict of interest.

REC’s standard contractual documentation contains an anti-corruption clause. The REC Group ensures maximum transparency of information on the procurement of goods and services in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

When identifying insufficiently effective anti-corruption measures in the REC Group or when changing the requirements of the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation, the General Director of REC and responsible persons develop and implement an action plan to review and amend the “Anti-Corruption Policy in the REC Group” or anti-corruption measures.